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The petition

Say Yes to culture in Europe with creators, and Say No to the dismantling of your rights in Europe!

React to the European Commission’s public consultation – Sign this Call!

The future of culture, creators and cultural industries in Europe depends on the outcome of a consultation on copyright being conducted by the European Commission with a deadline for submissions of 5th March 2014.

We want Europe to make culture a priority.

We want Europe to give culture its true place at the heart of the European economy.

We want European Institutions, candidates, political parties and heads of State to say Yes to culture in Europe, Yes to millions of jobs, Yes to the artists and Yes to the people of Europe, who could not breathe without culture in their lives.

We want them to sustain and develop the cultural industries, which depend on copyright to sustain millions of jobs and secure millions of livelihoods.

Today, we urge you, the citizens of the European Union, to voice your views by answering the European Commission public consultation, and to sign this petition, which will be sent to the President of the Commission and to Commissioners, who will soon present a White Paper.

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  • France 6746
  • Germany 3392
  • Switzerland 1925
  • Denmark 1358
  • United Kingdom 659

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29483 creators, of 106 different countries have signed the petition !

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Why get involved?


    Say YES
    to democracy and freedom!

    Because Culture has always been the greatest ally to liberties in Europe and around the World,
    Because freedom of speech and expression are the very essence of democracy.


    Say YES
    to diversity!

    Because Culture is still the most powerful means of expression for people in their diversity,
    Because the music, cinema, books, paintings, graphic arts sectors… all help to preserve Europe’s cultural richness and diversity.


    Say YES
    to Jobs!

    Because cultural and creative industries are the solution to the economic and unemployment crisis by generating millions of jobs, perspectives to the European youth and providing growth and influence for the future of Europe.

Who are we?

Creators for Europe is an initiative of the music creators of Europe, led by their organization, the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA). Although ECSA represents composers and songwriters, the Creators for Europe initiative promotes all creative sectors and creators’ friends and supporters.

Our objective is to supply creators with the rights they need and that the larger audience can access to the creative content they want, in its diversity.
It is with your support that we will give best possible conditions for a stronger, better, more united and diverse European creativity.